I think that first blog posts should probably include some sort of information about the blogger…A sort of disclaimer, so that when ten blogs down the line you find out that I use the word “frak”, qoute Lord of the Rings incessantly, and discuss coffee in excruciating detail, you really can’t say that you weren’t warned. And then everyone (that one sole reader who isn’t me comprising “everyone”) stops reading.

So some facts: this blog will, of course, be about pints and cupcakes. But also about cooking and baking, writing and the creative community of a Wisconsin college campus, my work as Assistant Editor in Chief of the AMAZING Women in REDzine, and the nightmare process that is applying to MFA programs this coming fall.

And, now, if you need (really simply must) know some random facts: I like magicians, Rasheed Wallace, Bright Eyes, Terry Gilliam films, Battlestar Galactica, Neil Gaiman, and mochas. I live with an evil cat that is not mine. And I’m in love with the staff of Women in REDzine. Seriously, this magazine will be the best thing ever to exist.


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One response to “Helloooooooo!

  1. Stephanie G

    Pints AND cupkakes?!

    This will be the greatest thing to happen in the long and glorious history of things happening….

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