Lots of good news is good news

Okay, so second post, no more hiding behind the pretext of writing about what this blog will be about. Now I actually have to write something. So Women in REDzine (WIRZ) news, it is! This weekend saw me enjoying a cup of coffee while eating a slice of gingerbread carrot cake (this awesome carrot cake with dried cranberries and freshly grated ginger in it that is topped with an apricot-orange frosting) and somehow the WIRZ news is just as exciting (thought I was going to say “more exciting”, well then my love for carrot cake has just not been expressed enough). WIRZ staff are getting the AMAZING (and awesome, take that EIC) chance to meet with Jensine Larsen. Jensine is the lovely and wonderful founder of World Pulse magazine. World Pulse is a magazine which focuses on global women’s issues. I am ridiculously proud that WIRZ will get a chance to meet Jensine and I am also proud to push this magazine to anyone who accidentally (looking for pint cupcake, were we? Mmm…. That reminds me I still need to try out my new recipe for Stout cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting) reads this blog.

AND, there is more WIRZ excitement. The staff of WIRZ have been invited to participate in Baraboo, WI’s Summerset Festival of the Arts 2011. This is exciting not only because it gives me another chance to hang out with the staff of WIRZ (who are seriously the bestest people ever) but we get to push WIRZ while doing it!

Since this blog has been all goodness I might as well keep that up: The Celtics are still in the playoffs and I know that they will crush Miami when needs be (but, I have a small, I’m sure irrational fear, of the Bulls). There is a new Colson Whitehead novel coming out later this year which makes me smile uncontrollably. Hey, accidental reader, if you’ve never read anything by Whitehead then please go out and do so as he is one of the greatest writers ever. There are few authors who have never published anything that was less than perfect. Whitehead is one of those few.

Plus, I’m working on my post-apocalyptic novel (my epic, which will never see the light of day) and I’m actually making progress.

Hmm…All of this good news makes me want to cook. So, perhaps a baked pasta and carrot salad with black bottom cupcakes for dessert is on the horizon.

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