And the Awesome Goes On…

There are only a few times when I can be willing to call myself a published poet and those are the times when this fact can help out Women in REDzine. Recently, I have been able to secure us a meeting with the amazingly brilliant editors of the extremely awesome and critically acclaimed Verse Wisconsin. This led to us ALSO getting a space secured at the WISCONSIN POETRY FESTIVAL! Now that’s what I call Awesome (see that EIC? I used it again! AWE-SOME!!!) which is not to be confused with Now that’s what I call music (‘cuz that would just be lame).
Now in addition to that level of awesome (that’s right in addition! And actually it’s so awesome that I should say in multiplication) we have decided to release a special poetry focused issue which will feature the poems of WIRZ staff alongside other excellent poets and believe me when I say that the WIRZ staff are so good they make me want to love poetry…. AND we are getting to meet with the phenomenal editor of Rosebud, one of those literary journals that I covet getting into with one of my stories (sigh…One day….One day…). They’re right up alongside McSweeney’s, Tin House, The Atlantic Monthly, and *gasp* my ultimate DREAM of being a Granta Best of the Young American Novelists….Dammit, now that I’ve gotten all teary eyed with wishful thinking…. I will be changing the subject onto much more interesting things….Food!
WIRZ is planning on an end of semester get together to go over such fascinating things as our new constitution, all the amazingly awesome stuff we have upcoming, and our lovely first issue! And, of course, I will be cooking. My tentative menu right now is featured around calzones (as all things should be) which are stuffed with spinach, butter-fried mushrooms, peppers, and a blend of three cheeses then drizzled (or drenched if one prefers) with a simple, chunky marinara. Served alongside this will be  salad of lettuce, razor thin cucumber, grated carrots, diced tomatoes, the EIC’s ciabatta croutons, and a pomegranate balsamic dressing which I have been tinkering with to awesome perfection. The EIC plans on making her legendary cheese fritters as a side dish and i am eager to try them as I’ve heard nothing but raving. For dessert, I’ve decided to go deceptively simple: a light lemon cake in a tart lemony glaze served with fresh strawberries in sauce and maybe a dollop of vanilla bean flecked whipped cream. Yeah, everyone on staff is going to weigh an extra five pounds after this but it will totally be worth it.
And, now for a completely unrelated side-note which just makes me happy. The Hobbit movie (or, as I have been referring to it, That Which Will Be Awesome) will be featuring Lee Pace. Pace is one of my absolute favorite actors (The Fall, if you haven’t seen The Fall, then go out and see it NOW my dear three readers. NOW!)….The Hobbit movie, sigh, allows me to end on yet another note of Awesomeness.


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