In which a pint thief considers some good news

The semester is finally drawing to a close which makes me absurdly happy. Yes, there are still finals. And yes they won’t be fun. But several awful classes I’ve had this semester will be over for good! And the WIRZ party at the end of the semester just keeps looking more fantastic (as we’ve recently learned that a friend and award winning author will be showing up).And again my menu of the gods…So, that’s all good.

In other great things to come: I’m looking forward to our staff getting to meet the lovely Jensine Larsen, founder of World Pulse, and who is just utterly fantabulous. As well as to our meeting with the editor of Rosebud who has agreed to help us figure out ways to make WIRZ into a truly quality literary journal (look out Tin House!). Over the summer we will be making an appearance at Baraboo’s Summerset festival and I’ve been given a spot as one of the opening readers for Wisconsin Poet Laureate Bruce Dethlefsen. Of course, I happen to be a terrible reader and don’t want to expose anyone to that kind of suffering…So…

Next semester WIRZ already has so much planned that I sometimes have to stop and be amazed at how we managed to do all of this in such a short time. If we put this skill into other things we could totally have created some kind of castle with trap doors and giant Rube Goldberg-esque devices throughout or invented cotton candy that grows in fields or something else equally as useful… We will be attending the Wisconsin Book Festival, The Wisconsin Poetry Festival, meet with the Editors of the wonderful literary journal Verse Wisconsin, put out a special poetry themed issue which will feature interviews with the absolutely flat-out amazing poet Ron Wallace and the awesome poet Sean Bishop. It will also feature poetry by staff and undergrads which is bound to be thrilling and perfect and just the best thing ever. Then we just received an invitation to give a reading and presentation at the UW-Baraboo campus! Plus, we’re panning our release party (can anyone say champagne hot tubs?)!

On a more personal note of goodness, although I’ve decided to stay an extra year on campus in order to apply to fiction MFA programs (as my poetry program was willing to defer me), I have recently been given a little boost of confidence that I’ve made the right decision as I’ve won some fiction awards. These have to be some of the most exciting things to ever happen to this pint thief. For a long time, I was told that my poetry (which I really dislike) was much better than my fiction and I was starting to believe that I was going to have to give up writing in favor of something more practical like raising Chinese Water dragons or running a Corgi Circus or declaring myself queen of cupcake baking (oh, wait, I did that already). So, this has been an honor (probably an undeserved one) which makes me want to cry and hug people (and I REALLY don’t ever hug people). So maybe this signals a slightly less foggy future for your intrepid pint thieving, cupcake making, blogger. Maybe….



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4 responses to “In which a pint thief considers some good news

  1. Well done Madame, you continue to impress me daily with your awesomeness! (see, it comes back to that word 🙂

  2. Well as I was being forced to write this….It’s not really awesomeness. I would much prefer my Chinese Water Dragon ranch….

  3. Stephanie G

    Dearest Chloe,

    I thought it might interest you to know that I am currently trying out a new pastime: NESTED PROCRASTINATION!! I am putting off doing my homework by writing a letter, which I am putting off by watching vlogbrothers videos on youtube (if you haven’t yet, give it a try… but I will not take responsibility for it taking over your time, like it has mine), which I am apparently ALSO putting off by writing a comment on your blog.

    In other (and actually related) news, I really love your poetry. I also really love your fiction, but I’ve read more of your poetry in recent months, and I must say that it is awesome. And I write run-on sentences. And I just realized that I am writing this on the wrong post (I meant to put it on the “writings” post… but here I am in the “good news” post…) Oh, well… I’m not movin’ it. Let the confusion begin!


    Stephanie (Your resident rambly and long-winded blog commenter and fellow pint thief)

    • Thank you, my dear! And nested procrastination….That sounds like you may have just invented the Holy Grail for procrastinators!!!!

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