Sci-Fi is goodness (and, we want your writing)

So, what to do on a gloomy day in Finals week? Well, I could spend it dreaming of cocoa pancakes covered in strawberries and whipped cream (for which I have a promising new recipe) or I could study (but I probably won’t be doing that). Ha! I know! I should probably write a rambling blog post.

First off, I would like to use this forum for  a little bit o’ marketing. Women in REDzine wants your (yes, you, there in the back pretending not to notice) writing and art. We are open for quality submissions from anyone. We run almost entirely on unsolicited submissions and so I want to encourage everyone to send in some writing. We have a small and dedicated staff of reviewers and editors who will look over your submission with consideration. We do publish only a small amount of what we receive but we read every piece sent to us with care. What we publish is poetry, short stories, flash fiction, art, and audio/video of spoken word and music, hell, we’ll even look at your super short films (especially if they involve evil cupcakes from Mars, oh wait, no, that’s the super short film I’m working on…Never mind…). Read our guidelines at

Okay, now that I’ve said that. I will move on to some more (and more generalized) rambling. I was recently thinking about how much I love science-fiction, but how rarely I find science-fiction that I really love (look at the brilliant and confounding structure of that sentence). The thought actually started with me considering where I would go to if I had a TARDIS and if I knew I would be absolutely safe (in terms of my abilities at survival in sci-fi situations, I’m probably more of a Star Trek Red Shirt than a Doctor Who companion) and in which I wouldn’t accidentally do something all “Sound of Thunder”-esque. Then, I realized I had mentioned three sci-fi things and decided that I should, instead, consider some of my favorite sci-fi.

Of course, there’s Doctor Who (and while I love Christopher Eccleston, I have to admit here that David Tennant will ALWAYS be my Doctor Who). It’s brilliant and funny and thrilling and smart and wonderful. I’m also (obviously, perhaps, with my copious use of the word “frak”) dedicated to Battlestar Galactica and I also really enjoyed the spin-off Caprica (which was really not given enough of  a chance to build an audience before it was canceled). Battlestar was well acted, looked amazing, and featured some of the best dialogue exchanges in recent memory. Then, of course, there’s Firefly and the film, Serenity, which came from it. Joss Whedon is one of  my personal heroes. Seriously, the man is AWESOME.

For films, I can’t think of too many recent ones which have really delighted me: Sunshine and Never Let Me Go (both, incidentally, written by Alex Garland. He of the awesomeness.) are the two that most readily jump to mind. I also remember enjoying a strange film that may have been called Avalon. And The Children of Men in one of my favorite films of the past decade. But, I feel there should be more, so many more….Why isn’t science-fiction capitalized on?

Of books, there are even fewer in recent years. I grew up on Bradbury, Heinlein, Campbell, and Arthur C. Clarke. Yet, I can’t name many recent authors who have thrilled me with science-fiction like those authors do. “Things We Didn’t See Coming” by: Steven Amsterdam was absurdly good. I also loved “The Universe in Miniature in Miniature” By: Patrick Somerville. But, there are fewer and fewer occasions it seems when I pick up a science fiction book and get entirely absorbed into it’s world (or worlds if it’s a short story collection).
So, finally, I get to the point of this rambling: I’m looking for suggestions for excellent science-fiction. Be it television, movies, or (especially) books/authors. So, dear three blog readers, if you have suggestions (or you just want to wax poetically on your favorite Bradbury story) let me know them!

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  1. So I love your blog, as usual, you do it so well. I am truly offended tho because you know very well that there are more than three readers…who are you leaving out? Is it me? I—I can’t stand that…must have space to be one of your adoring readers! I demand it! Now! Now I say!

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