A quick update of happiness

I am having a brilliant day and so I best blog about it. I just spent several days at home with my family enjoying amazing food (lasagna, carrot salad, honey-fried asparagus, and Spanish Bun Cake with mocha frosting) and catching up on episodes of Glee, I baked some excellent Velvet Spice cupcakes and topped them with a sublime chocolate-cinnamon frosting, I finished reading a surprisingly engaging collection of essays called “The Late American Novel,” and I just realized how three story lines I’ve been working on for a novel finally connect (when things begin to click is the greatest moment that a writer can have during the writing process, I swear). In other news of Awesome proportions: WIRZ has interviews with poet Sean Bishop for our amazing poetry issue which will be coming out in fall and a meeting with the editor of the journal Rosebud, both of which are tomorrow, I also owe our lovely EIC a delicious Mocha Polar Cap from our favorite cafe for a bet that I lost spectacularly. WIRZ has also secured interviews with some of the greatest writers out there which will be appearing in our upcoming issues (seriously, I can’t wait to publicize these names, because they are ridiculously awesome and, well, I’m excited and honored and exuberantly happy to get the chance to interview them…Stay Tuned on this matter…). And, then, as a topper: I just got news that a couple of poems of mine have been picked up for publication! So happiness all around.
And now for a bit of WIRZ related hype: I am so excited for our special small works collection which will focus on poetry and flash fiction and will be debuting at the Wisconsin Poetry Festival. I am addicted to flash fiction (when it’s done right) and we have interviews lined up with such wonderful poets as Sean Bishop, Ron Wallace, Nick Lantz, and Jacqueline Jones Lamon. This should be a delightful issue, especially as WIRZ is moving to a considerably longer format and is now available for subscription. So check out our website: http://www.womeninredzine.com  Plus, don’t forget to submit your own writing!


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2 responses to “A quick update of happiness

  1. Stephanie G

    Is there a deadline for submitting writing? I’d like to give it a shot sometime, but I am going to be in and out of the woods for the next 5 or so months. Best to plan ahead!

    Still love reading your blog, my pint-y friend!!

    • OOh, I can’t wait! We have an open reading period, but for the poetry/flash fiction issue, we’d like to have everything by August 21st! Pint thief must submit!!!!

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