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Hate on Me

So for this blog post I decided to divide my time between things that are stressing me and things that are destressing me. To start off with the stress, I’d like to make an announcement: Women in REDzine has decided to change our logo to just REDzine. Our website will still be Women in REDzine, but we decided to go for a simpler look for the magazine and a name that would show that we fully embrace EVERYONE. Unfortunately, this change has brought on the hate. One of our editors began to receive what can only be described as vitriolic diatribes via e-mail which were directed not just at the magazine but at her personally as well. If there is one thing one does not do, in my increasingly large book of things that one shouldn’t do, it is personally attack someone I care about. Actually, I’d prefer it if no one attacked anyone, but I won’t digress. These e-mails showed a level of rage which didn’t make sense. They called the magazine “misogynistic,” and stated that we were giving into “white supremacists.” For the simple reason that we are changing our name. The e-mails implied that our editor, and anyone on our staff, couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like to be oppressed or misunderstood or demoralized.

The thing is, and I’m saying this from the fact that while I am biased because I love our staff but also that I absolutely believe what I’m saying, everyone on our staff can be considered diverse. Diversity isn’t the color of your skin or your social class or your sexual orientation or your gender or your religion. Diversity comes through in your life experiences and the person that you’ve become because of those experiences.

That being said, the other main t point of contention to these haters is the fact that half our staff is male and that we now accept submissions of art and writing from males. This seems to be a fighting point for many people out there as well. They seem to think that allowing men a voice in and a place in our magazine is tantamount to supporting the oppression of women. Number one, I’m a woman and I fully support having men on our staff. Number two, I think that the men on our staff are some of the most open-minded and wonderful people that I’ve met and not giving them a place in the magazine solely because they are men would be a sexist act. Number three, if as a woman I need to put men down in order to be a feminist then I’m not sure that that is something I want to take part in. I believe in the idea of “equal to not better than.” Number four, the beautiful Jensine Larsen, founder of World Pulse ( a magazine that everyone should immediately check out and support), summed it up best when she told us that men are women’s greatest ally in the fight for global equality.

Now that I’ve gotten my rant out, I can move onto some of the exciting/awesome/wonderful stuff that is going on and which never ceases to act as a destresser for me:

In October, the first chapter of The Freshman Fifteen will be released. This is a book written by my favorite urban fantasy writer, superfriend, and fellow WIRZard, Ean Weslynn. The book promises to be an epically amazing event (that’s right: it isn’t just a book, it’s an experience). I highly suggest that anyone interested in reading one of the most surprising, original, and brilliant new works of writing to check it out.

REDzine has some other exciting news to announce: we will be having our own featured event at the Wisconsin Book Festival. You can read more about our talented staff of presenters here:

We are also going to be having an in-person interview with one of my personal gods—Nathan Englander. This interview will be featured in our Winter 2011 issue and is sure to be awesome because, frankly, Englander is just so damn awesome.

Our first official issue is also fast on its way to being done and being supremely kick ass. So get your subscriptions now so that you don’t miss a single page!

And as a personal extra note of appreciation, this has been a stressful couple of weeks and so I’d like to thank those people who consistently make me feel a hell of a lot better: my family, my roommate of wonderfulness, my next door neighbor/amazingly brilliant friend and Doctor Who marathon-partner, the WIRZards, and all those who are willing to text/talk/FB chat with me and endlessly cheer me up with pint jokes, Gaga references, or making plans for pie. You know who you all are and I thank you for your awesomeness. Seriously, I couldn’t do it without you. When it comes down to it REDzine (and life) isn’t about hate. It’s about love and that’s how it should be.


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Back with a vengeance…Or just lameness….Or maybe more fittingly like a character in a tv show who disappears for half a season to suddenly return with absolutely no explanation…

Ten rules I’ve learned from being an “Ubernerd” (word specifically chosen here to be a jerk to someone).

1.)    If you’re going to be filming supernatural events then it’s safest to be the one behind the camera (unless if you’re hunting trolls and then all bets are off). But, of course, that’s not even that safe since you will have to “disappear” so that you’re footage can be found by greedy producers looking to cash in. So, perhaps, it’s best not to be filming supernatural events with a hand-held camera. Plus, as a movie-goer that would make me really happy if everyone stopped doing this….

2.)    If you’re going to become fiercely attached to your favorite Doctor Who actor then be prepared to have long running arguments with people. (And yes it’s David Tennant…Always and forever).

3.)    A fast and easy way to get people to back away from you in crowded spaces is to sing the song Gollum sings about fish in a barely audible murmur.

4.)    If someone states that Harry Potter isn’t “literary” enough for their “tastes” then it’s probably okay to think less of them.

5.)    Asking yourself: What Would Buffy Do? is a perfectly reasonable way to think your way out of  a situation.

6.)    “Frak” totally works as a swearword and it’s okay to want a t-shirt that says “Frak Earth!” (Best piece of television background graffiti ever).

7.)    That if you bought Mulder and Scully figures when you were ten, it is now okay to pretend to be displaying them in a self-mocking manner….Even if you still trust no one.

8.)    It’s okay to quote Jim Henson’s The Storyteller in a paper on fairy tales… And doing so will make you absurdly happy.

9.)    Pints are awesome. Especially if you can make jokes about them that have weirdly abstract tie-ins to Lord of the Rings.

10.)                        It’s turn out if you write an entire collection of horror stories about the campus you go to school at, throw in weird fairy tale references, and mention coffee in every single one as an ongoing joke…You may actually be rewarded for doing so.

11.)                        (Bonus hidden lesson) Being a nerd works out in the end for you.


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