I really have no title for this one….

First to start off with little bits and pieces of news that are all full o’awesome. There is some REDzine excitement going around as our first issue goes to print this Thursday. The issue is chock full of wonderful (it’s like a quadruple stuffed Oreo only instead of delicious creme [not cream] there is awesome) and features interviews with Benjamin Percy, Nick Lantz, Jacqueline Jones Lamon, Sean Bishop, Colm McCarthy, Dawn Svanhoe, and up and coming poets Amir Tarsha and Noah Whitford. We are also delighted to announce that we will be featuring the ongoing genius of graphic novelist Justin Madson, whose comic Breathers will be featured (www.justmadbooks.com).
Today also marks the debut of the first chapisode of reviewer Ean Weslynn’s wonderful urban fantasy novel The Freshman Fifteen (http://eanweslynn.wordpress.com/)!
I’d also like to announce/ make a plea for people to check out REDzine’s Indie Gogo fundraiser. We needs to be able to print ridiculous amounts of these issue because they are freakin’ amazing (and check out those brilliant perks for donating)!!!


AND more truly excellent news: we have gallery space to have our first ever REDzine gallery showing (here’s a link to the info on the Artist’s Reception to which everyone is invited: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=294059033953835  ). The space looks awesome and we plan for the reception to be classy fantasticness.
Now, that I’ve released some REDzine gushing I’d like to move on to two subjects that are sort of about the same thing but in completely different ways: writing. I’ve recently been on a strangely productive spree (seriously crazily productive, much to the detriment of my midterm studying and paper writing). The reason for this productiveness is that I’ve recently been getting inspired by the most random things—a sign at a recycling plant which read “Place Nothing On Ground’ which to me seemed to sum up my (apparent?) life philosophy of non-attachment (but that’s another story), Facebook chat failing, getting the words to a song stuck in my head wrong, and recently a friend of mine inspiring so much that I fear I owe him a future dedication on my current collection of linked stories should it ever be published…This has all led me to think about the fact that I’m desperately curious as to what inspires authors. I like the fact that it can be random things but I also like thinking about why these random things can cause such a reaction in my mind and so I’d love to know what ridiculously random moments inspire the artists/ writers who I’m in love with and why they think the moments matter…
The second point about writing is a new goal that I’ve set for myself. It started out as a bit of a joke between me and the Brilliant (yep, needs to be capitalized) EIC. She made me write a kind of scene that I wasn’t (and never have been) comfortable with writing and then set it as a challenge for the entire staff of WIRZards. This taught me that I can write this kind of scene but it also taught me that it’s not something I need to write. Which actually came across as the far better lesson. This has led me to make  a new sort of pledge. For the rest of the year, I am going to write something every week that I wouldn’t otherwise write. So, dear reader (you with the pint, you know who you are), if you have any ideas for me to write about, throw them out here. You never know, I might just get inspired…



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3 responses to “I really have no title for this one….

  1. Stephanie G

    I’m going to have a sleep-deprived (and possibly pint-filled) brainstorming session tonight! This will be fun!

  2. Stephanie G

    Okay! Two ideas (and I barely started my first pint!) (these might also be among the top 467 Reasons Stephanie Should NOT be Allowed to Write Fiction (Along with my love of parenthetical asides)):
    #1: Write about whatever you want, but it has to include a quote along the lines of “Sometimes, the world goes topsy-turvy, and the only thing left to do is dance like [some options here: John Travolta, Frankenstein, a hippo… or you can just leave it at “dance”]”
    #2: A story about pint thievery written in the style of those dramatic heist movies.

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