15 Songs for Describing a Single Thing

Okay, so the mood continues… Maybe I’ll blame it on the weather…It’s at that point in Wisconsin where it is freaking hot out but all the leaves have already changed. Maybe I’m as caught between seasons as that. I’ve also been writing a lot of poems and, let’s all just admit, writing (or reading) poetry really helps no one’s mood (please don’t make me list the names of every depressed poet *note to self: every depressed poet would be a great name for a faux-emo band*). Sure three of those poems were written for WIRZ’s awesome poetry editor (we kept finding awesome titles) and so those shouldn’t be putting me into moods, and yet….

I usually have surefire ways to break out of contemplative moods: watching Buffy, watching The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, or listening to Sam Cooke, or rereading Ffang the Vampire Bat. I thought of doing a super-combo punch and doing all of those things at once, but I think my brain might actually explode, and so….

Maybe, contemplation is a good thing….The novel I’m working on is one which requires a darker tone…But the thing is I only write fiction when my mind is all “Butterfly-kittens (which are either terrifying or awesome or both) flying around in fields of lunch-pail trees (get the reference and I love you).”  So contemplation seems more like it will lead o irritation instead of inspiration, and thus…

I’ve been making an imaginary playlist in my mind of songs for this mood. They’re songs I like and songs which normally would get me
writing, but in combination, they make me contemplative. This will seem like a weird list and it is mostly because it’s based off of the specific feeling which
all of these songs give me and which they all give me in the same way.  Because basically I can’t describe the mood I’m in (probably teh number one thing which a writer shouldn’t admit to), so I’ll leave it to far better artists than I, one should just combine the songs on the list and that is exactly my mood, so here they are….

1.)   “Song to the Siren” version by: Susheela Raman

2.)   “Nightime/Anytime (It’s alright)” by: Jim Guthrie

3.)   “Airport ‘79” by: Iran

4.)   “Corvair” by: Jim White

5.)   “Two Weeks” by: Grizzly Bear

6.)   “After the Curtain” by: Beirut

7.)   “Angel Song” by: Gram Rabbit

8.)   “Anywhere on this Road” by: Lhasa

9.)   “Train Under water” by: Bright Eyes

10.) “Walking” by: The Dodos

11.) “You and I are a Gang of Losers” by: The Dears

12.) “Get Real Get Right” by: Sufjan Stevens

13.) “My Body is a Cage” by: Arcade Fire

14.) “I Saw the Light” by: Spoon

15.) “Ambulance” by: TV on the Radio


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