Some City Other Than This

I woke up with no light. This is never a good thing. I don’t think the human body (okay, at least, most definitely MY human body) can deal with waking up in darkness. It reminds me too much of being snapped out of sleep by nightmares and suddenly there is just a pitch black room around you and you realize “Oh my god, why in the name of all that is pinty, am I not still asleep?!” So, no, I don’t like waking up early enough that the sun hasn’t even completely risen. I mean if the sun isn’t awake, why am I? Then to find out that I didn’t even need to be awake after all? Oh, oh, dear, what is this on my face? Oh, it’s tears!

But, as I was awake, I decided to get some work done on the new novel. A simple and good plan correct? Sort of. I started writing and as I was writing I kept getting the feeling that I was writing about a place I knew although I was pretty positive that that could not be possible….It was an eerie feeling. Slowly it dawned on me. The main setting of the new novel is from a dream I’ve been having off and on for years (as in since childhood). Firstly, I have to wonder why I didn’t realize this sooner. Secondly, it’s just plain creepy because the setting now seems to have been lying in wait for a long time.

Okay, so that’s not so bad, you say? So, I was about to keep writing but then I started to think about how much of my writing comes out of my dreams. Basically all of it is influenced in some way by some weird/creepy dream that I’ve had…And that makes me realize why I hate getting up early…While asleep, I’m actually helping myself to write better! See? It all makes perfect sense now. But now I’m awake and I’m bitter and I keep thinking that the city in my dreams needs to have another say before I keep writing.

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  1. Stephanie G

    I have a recurring-since-childhood dream, too! It involves my family being kidnapped and held hostage in a golden elephant-shaped building… I feel like I would notice right away if that came up in a story that I wrote, though. I can’t wait to read your novel! Because you’re going to let me read it. Else there might be trouble…

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