Only the Shadow Knows

Yesterday, WIRZ was a featured publisher at the Wisconsin Poetry Festival. It was a fun day and it was a long day. It did remind though that extreme tiredness can be counter-effected by the wonderful WIRZ staff with their great senses of humor and high-spiritedness.

Next week WIRZ has more eventfulness planned. We will be a featured table at the Wisconsin Zine fair and we will also be having OUR OWN event at the Wisconsin Book Festival.  On Sunday, October 23rd, from 12:00 PM-1:30 PM we will be hosting a panel about the magazine and featuring readings by our unbelievably talented staff: Dan Pankratz, Taylor Neumann, Kristin Gulotta, Ean Weslynn, Sam Christian, and John Zydowicz. If you are near to Madison, this is an event that should not be missed!

WIRZ also has a new store feature on our website that features beautiful jewelry from the Made By Survivors network.

In some not so WIRZ related news, but sort of kind of in a not really way, while at the Wisconsin Poetry festival I was hit with several writing ideas. The first were for three stories, two of which I have now written, and all three of which takes me out of what I think of as my writerly comfort zone. This zone is my writing version of a comfy chair by a window with a cup of hot chocolate and an English muffin with lots of butter and jam. It’s what I always do and something which I think it is maybe time to break out of for the new novel. So the three stories are each dealing with topics I have never dealt with before.  I’m normally, as in always, a coward, but maybe this is my first step out onto the path of bravery, or at least the path of slightly less cowardliness.

The other big idea came in the form of a kind of push. For awhile now, I’ve been working off and on with creating a chapbook of poetry and flash fiction. The lovely Art Editor has now pushed me to actually finish this AND to try to get it published. Eeks! The original idea for the chapbook was to revolve around the idea that I am a bitter hermit, but the EIC has just given me a much better idea. An idea that centers around the latest poetry I’ve been writing. I won’t say quite yet what that idea is as I don’t want to be all jinxing of myself. But that being said, it’s another idea that which takes me away from my comfy chair.

And this has all made me think about the fact that I never really stretch outside my comfort zone in life either. I’m one of those people who never takes risks. That seems smart to me but I think it has also cost me in some respects…. But, maybe, for now, I’ll just focus on breaking out of that writerly comfort zone and see how that works before I do anything truly drastic….



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3 responses to “Only the Shadow Knows

  1. Stephanie G

    Break the shackles that bind ye!!!

  2. Hi just thought i would let you know one thing.. This is twice now i have landed on your blog within the last 3 days hunting for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

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