15 Ways that People Meet

1.) In a coffee shop. Reading books. Or maybe just one of us
was. It was me. I was reading fairy tales. They were disguised. You asked me
which one was my favorite.

2.) At a bus stop. I wasn’t getting on. You were. You gave me your name. Your
number. Did I ever tell you that the wind got it? Snatched the slip of paper
away from me hungrily.


4.) In a class. You dropped your pencil and it rolled to me. It was as if the
room was slanted just slightly, just enough to cause us both to reach out at
the same time.

5.)In the grocery store. The produce section. Or better yet the junk food aisle
and I was embarrassed by the four jars of salsa I was buying as if the only
thing I ever ate was salsa.

6.) In a dream.

7.) At the library. We both were looking for the same book and it was lost. And
it was out of print and we knew that now there was no way that we’d ever read

8.) Under a circus tent. An exhibition of trapeze artists. You said you once
walked a tight rope over a lake. You said you fell but weren’t afraid. You said
the water felt like it had been waiting forever to embrace you.

9.) On a blind date. I was wearing red. You were ten minutes late but it was
okay. I tried not to let you see me reading the menu upside-down as you chose
what you wanted.

10.) In a past life.

11.) Crossing a street. I turned once and almost missed you walking the other
way. There was always that half-dance of each of us stepping first one way and
then the next trying to let the other pass by.

12.) In a short story written by someone who didn’t care enough to finish.
There is always going to be me stepping off one page and into the next without
you. You are always still three pages behind me.

13.) During a funeral. My second cousin’s or one of your coworkers. We both
stayed in the back aisles unsure where our grief should sit.

14.) In a forest. Unexpectedly.

15.) Always somewhere, just about to happen.



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3 responses to “15 Ways that People Meet

  1. Stephanie G

    I love love love love (!!!) your writing!! And now I want to meet someone underwater… again?

      • Stephanie G

        Sometimes you’re snorkeling or free-diving or what-have-you, and you pay less attention to where you’re going than what’s around you and you end up headbutting someone who is doing the same. It might have happened… I don’t fully remember (’twas a really HARD headbutt).

        Or, you see a friend amongst the waves and get their attention. You both dive down and meet amongst the coral, waiting to see who will need to breathe first.

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