A November list!

Maybe it’s that time of year…The air is getting too cold for much else other than needless pondering and list-making….And so, I’m stepping away from the free-writes for a second (momentary, I promise/threaten) to discuss the top ten things that November has going for/against it. Some of these fall into the category that I’m not sure if they’re for or against.

1.)    The autumn issue of REDzine has already hit stands and looks ridiculously beautiful. I’d suggest getting a copy as soon as you can. Like now, seriously!

2.)    It’s NaNoWriMo time. I will be writing and writing and writing til I just can’t write no more.!

3.)     I’m starting to put out grad school applications. The many, many grad school applications.

4.)    The awesome that is the REDzine staff is already hard at work on the Winter issue. It’s chock full of amazing interviews with Kelly Cherry, Valerie Laken, Patrick Rothfuss, and (one of my personal gods and amazing interviewee) Nathan Englander.

5.)    The REDzine release party in December is currently being planned and plans to be epic. So far we have booked the supremely amazing, sublimely wonderful band Hewn. Check out their music here: http://www.reverbnation.com/hewn They are seriously AWESOME! So come out to the release party and hear them live!

6.)    Homemade stout ice cream….It is as good as it sounds and making root beer flouts with it= the best thing of all time.

7.)    Honey crisp apples.

8.)    The new Pedro Almodovar film will soon be coming to a theatre near me and this makes me very pleased.

9.)    Grad school applications. Yes, they are on my mind enough to be mentioned twice on this list. Oh, MFA how I want you, but I hate the application process for you so much!

10.)                        The return of my favorite fellow pint thief!!!!



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2 responses to “A November list!

  1. Stephanie G

    Triple woo to number 10!!!!

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