I Will Tell You Somewhere New

There’s a story that I keep telling. In it you are still right here. But, here’s the strange thing I didn’t know you that well. And here’s the sad thing I still can’t stop thinking about who you might have been. I’m a would have and a could have and a should have kind of person though I wish I weren’t. You were someone and I am someone and together I think that makes it somehow worse. There is so much left  to wonder about in some. And here are things I guessed about you: the way you liked your hair best in the morning the moment when you first got out of bed, your favorite flavor of sucker were those mystery Dum-Dums because you liked that you could never quite tell which flavor you were eating other than that it was sweet, your earliest memory was of waves crashing on a beach and you don’t know how it could be because you’d never been to the ocean, and that you once made a wish on a shooting star that you’d find a door in a tree that you could escape into. But, those are just my guesses. I don’t really know that when you opened your eyes one morning and saw how perfect and blue the sky was you felt like everything was going to be alright. How could I know that? So, maybe, mostly, the only thing I know about you is a picture, is a name, is a face, is an understanding of what I’m missing. Maybe, I’d never have gotten to know you, and maybe that’s alright. We’d be two someones lost amongst everyone else. But, maybe, I’d know that someone else was out there and I’d think that everything was alright. Maybe it makes it alright if we’re lost not knowing one another in equal parts. It seems unfair, to me, to know that I don’t know you and know that you can’t know that. So, there’s a story that I keep telling. In it you are still right here. In it you are opening your eyes to a perfect morning and a cup of coffee where the cream swirls perfect patterns across the top and the sun is just so warm. And the point that I end the story, the point where I leave you to stay forever, is the point when you are thinking about everyone you don’t know and you’re thinking about how much you want to meet them all.


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