Every Other Word Should Be Thank You

As the stress of filling out MFA applications continues to mount and mount and mount, I thought that one way to get my mind into a happier, more peaceful plane of existence would be to go over some wonderful things.
The first few are REDzine related:
We are almost ready to send our second (Winter) issue to the printers. It is chock-full (has anyone else ever wondered where that saying comes from…What is a chock/ why is it full?) of awesome with interviews with Nathan Englander, Patrick Rothfuss, Kelly Cherry, and Valerie Laken. Plus interviews and writing by our two “Fresh faces”: the amazing David Steinmetz and the wonderful Christopher Grubb. There is also tons of great art, poetry, and a positive slew of lovely prose.
The REDzine release party is also getting finessed into the final details: we have booked several excellent local bands Hewn http://www.reverbnation.com/hewn, Newport Jam http://www.reverbnation.com/newportjam , and Marc LaMere http://www.myspace.com/marclamere .The first hour of the release party will be comprised of readings by such amazing writers as: Adam Loferski, Marie Bacigalupo, Noah Whitford, Cynthia J. Long, and David Steinmetz. So, really everyone should set your calendars for December tenth, from 7-midnight, because this will be epic (is that word over used yet? I think it’s probably over-used, but I can totally get away with it because I am epically awesome!).
Yet, REDzine isn’t the only thing that has me happy. So here is a wee list of the things which keep me sane in the face of MFA applications and their horrifying, stress inducing, mind bogglingly ahhhhhness.
1.) Having a nice weekend with my family which involved, among other things: pierogis stuffed with mushrooms and cheese, pumpkin pie, cauliflower in rofumo sauce, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, and lovely (delicately flavored with orange zest and aniset) La Befana cookies, and seeing The Great Yokai War ( a children’s film directed by Takashi Miike—strange and awesome).
2.) Three weeks of classes left and then an entire month in which I will have time to make cakes from my world of cakes book, write, catch up on my reading (new Stephen King, Justin Taylor’s first novel, new collection of Jonathan Lethem essays, new Haruki Murakami, etc, etc).
3.) The Muppets movie is now out. I will be seeing it in the very not too distant future.
4.) A recent visit from two of my beloveds, one of whom I haven’t seen in forever (quite literally, or at least 8 years, whatever)!
5.) Limoncello, a gift from my favorite fellow pint thief, from the wonderful distillery 45th Parallel.
6.) My plan to reread my favorite ghost stories over winter break: MR James and Alvin Schwartz, we have some reminiscing to do! Plus, following this up with some good old magician rereading: Jean-Robert Houdin’s autobiography, Hiding the Elephant, maybe some Ricky Jay. This is happening. And, perhaps, a visit to the Houdini museum!!!
7.) Writing ghost stories and horror stories and using those as my MFA writing sample. Thus, being myself.
8.) Holiday deliciousness being out: egg nog, mint M&Ms, yum yum yum.
9.) Having a great creative writing advisor who still puts up with me though I am no longer his student. The man is a god.
10.) Knowing that there are people in this world who I can always count on, who will eat pie with me, be awesome, and who I can always trust and that just by seeing/ talking with I feel a thousand times less stressed/ less terrified/ less wanting to race away to my future cave home. You know who you are and I love you all!


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