We Asked Questions to Slow the Bleeding

Do you ever think about going away? And if you do does it hurt in that certain cool way of the moment when you first jump into the lake and your skin is so hot that the cold shocks you, makes you gasp?

And do you ever think about who the people are who you’d save if there was a zombie apocalypse? Are they still the same people you would have saved ten years ago? Five? Last year?

And do you ever remember the things which frightened you as a child and then laugh? And, if you do, do you then feel sad wishing that they were still the only things that scared you?

Sometimes do you dream of cities that don’t exist? Are they the cities which you wish you could find a secret way to? Do you ever imagine that there is an alternate world where you live in these cities and you’re someone else? Someone who takes more chances and believes in more things?

Do you ever try to remember the exact taste of maple cream sodas by the lake? And when you can’t does it make you feel like you’re losing things slowly? And that eventually you won’t remember who it is that you love and where it was that you first met them and why does everything now taste as flavorless as the sheets of rice paper which were wrapped around that chewy pink candy you had loved so much as a child?

And do you occasionally start laughing at the most random of things? And do you find that you can’t stop, not until your sides ache and you’re breathless?

And do you believe in only five things fully? And, if so, do you never tell anyone because you’re afraid that if you say it to the wrong person then you’ll stop believing?

Sometimes do you wish that you were someone else? Not someone completely different, just someone who was more willing to jump into the lake?


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