Most days I love you (and you and you)

The way you  often use all caps in messages and it makes me think you are shouting but I like it because it is like you JUST need to say something right exactly then and the way you write and it’s like how I wish I could and everything you tell me makes me think I’m not alone.

Glow in the dark galaxies spread across your ceiling and we were ten and turned the lights out so we could see the stars glow green and I imagined that we would always be like this, shoulders touching, content in silence, and we still are.

The way we talked about ghosts and you thought that no one was listening and so you said you believed in them but not like ghosts in the way that most people do. You said that you thought they must be more like echoes and were still bouncing around, back and forth just hoping to be heard.

The time you made me laugh so hard I cried. Or any of the times you made me happier just by being there. Or the way that I sometimes say your name and it makes my brain feel tingly in the way that taking a hot bath with peppermint salts feels to my skin and it’s also like the way that a breeze through tall grass always makes me think of home.

Your laugh which makes me laugh, makes me happy, makes me feel like I’m still young enough to believe in everything.


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