Oh, hello, I’m ranting again (but in a good way)

As MFA season continues to go on and I continue to stare at my phone willing it to ring (and, in case anyone is wondering, the Force is apparently not with me on this front), I have to find ways to keep my mind from the panic attack that is waiting to rage at me and turn me all giant and green (I’m like the really nerd version of Bruce Banner: “You wouldn’t like me when I’m waiting on MFA acceptances” {<….See, totally less intimidating!])

So, anyways, I started thinking about some things in my life that are going lovely or make my life more lovely.

1.)    Books. I’ve just started Jesse Ball’s new novel The Curfew. Ball is one of those authors who I want to hate because he writes ridiculously well both in prose and in poetry, but I can’t hate him because he is so, well, ridiculously good. Seriously, go check him out: I’d start with The Way Through Doors or March Book. I also am still basking in the afterglow of having finished Colson Whitehead’s Zone One (I love Whitehead so much. Seriously I will cry if I ever meet him). And I am looking forward to: the new Nathan Englander collection (Man is a God! A God!), the new China Mieville, and the possibility of a new Donna Tartt out this year!!

2.)    Two words: The Hobbit.

3.)    Getting back into letter writing. Seriously, letters are wonderful. I will take them over e-mail any day of the week. (Except Sunday). Having a lovely, lovely who is willing to write me back=awesomeness!

4.)    Reading some amazing writing that has been written by one of my best beloveds. Seriously, how do I (of all people) know such a talented writer????? Plus, I actually know quite a few amazing writers! This has t be one of the greatest things in the world, actually.

5.)    Speaking of writing: I’ve finally gotten back into the flow of my own (after a bit of well I’d say break but that I would imply that I enjoyed it. Let’s just say a stress collapse). I’m working on some stuff that I’m truly excited about and it is coming along greatly. Let’s just say: magicians! Ghosts! Also, a themed poetry chapbook….

6.)    Getting coffee and catching back up with some friends.

7.)    My 8 pretties. They know who they are. :*

8.)    Inventing new pies.

9.)    Figured something out and decided I’m happy. (Could I get more cryptic? Yes, so be pleased with this level of crypticness).

10.) Going through my CD collection and listening to some of my favorite albums again on repeat. Heaven.

And there is all sorts of other lovely stuff going on, so really I shouldn’t be stressing about those MFAs. That being said, if any MFA directors are looking at this: I love you all and wouldn’t you like to have me as one of your grad students? Pretty please!!!

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One response to “Oh, hello, I’m ranting again (but in a good way)

  1. Stephanie G

    I am dying to know what #9 means… but I’m glad you’re happy and that you’re writing again! 😀

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