Training Our Mouths

Our cannibalistic tendencies

are often transferred into

other things, thought less

taboo. We attempt to cut out the eyes

of our lovers with the edge

of our fingernails, keep them

as baubles around our necks,

on the highest shelf of the book

case, hanging from the Christmas tree in

a spot tucked deep

amongst the branches. We lay

out the body of our youngest born,

hoping for lions, for bears, for oh

my. We teach them to scatter

bread instead of pebbles

because we know that bread won’t

stay in one place. We like

the maps we give

them to be wrong. We place

our old on boats, untethered,

and let the river take out

who we were given to and wish

to throw away. We like the taste

of flesh best when it is alive

beneath our tongues and each

bite brings us closer

to the salvation of release.

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