Like a Poem Day

(Inspired by Matthew Zapruder’s “Lampday”)

They say that there is
a holiday for everything. My
favorite is the one when we
celebrate everything that can’t
be done in poems.

We fill our lines
with hearts and light and
love. Every other metaphor
becomes about birds—
like this, how their wings
burst open once and it sounded
like the waves if you listened
close enough, the rush, the

Everything on this day
is just like something else.
And I like to write about
myself. Not you, not he,
not she, but me.

And rhyme?
That’s fine.
It’s about time.
They become divine.

My favorite, favorite
part, though, is how
every poem this day
ends in
I love you. I like
that most because
it’s what I’m always
trying to
say, anyway.

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