You as Twice-Told Tale

I tried to dream this cave

would open into sea;

starfish sacrifice

themselves to rocks and are

reborn each time they are cut apart.

I’d breathe water, a

rushing cool like those

peppermint sticks I used

to stir my tea with.


I tried to dream the sky

wouldn’t smother us;

silver kissed clouds dissipate

until the blue overwhelms

floods the horizon.

I’d float

and my body would sing shivers across my skin,

a simple trick like those games

of light as a feather and stiff

as a board.


I tried to dream this

would make me someone else;

my mouth could tell you stories

again and I’d be reborn

each time you listened.

I’d find you

and my feet would finally rest,

I wish I had paced a thousand miles like

a lover who wears out

pair after pair of iron shoes

as she writes her footsteps across the snow.


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