So, I’ve been having a time lately. You know: graduation and the all-capsness of the FUTURE looming before me. The what am I doing with my life thing? Am I making good decisions? How the hey am I going to survive missing the good friends I’ve made in college when we are all separated by miles and miles? These are terrifying thoughts. Terrifying life thoughts that I am unwilling to have and, yet, keep creeping into my brain. How do I go about combating such terror? Well, I’m a pop culture, readaholic, overcaffeinated nerd, so the obvious answer is to step away from the freewrites and blog for a second about Things which are recently pleasing me. So, here are some Bits ‘O Awesome which keep this particular pint thief very happy.

1.) I got a story recently picked up by a magazine that has been a lifelong dream to get into. This began a pretty good week.

2.) I also have gotten some poems recently picked up (and a shout out of support to the awesome literary journals which picked up said poems: Utter, Emerge, and Zouch. All you editors rock and I hope everyone goes out and reads up on your awesomeness and/or submits some writing).

3.) I have been listening to some great music lately which always cheers me up. Jack White’s “Blunderbuss” (which is brilliant and further convinces me that my life rule of “If it’s Jack White, then it’s alright” still applies to everything), Of Monsters and Men’s new album “My Head is an Animal” (which reminds me, in a good way, of if Mumford & Sons were slightly more cheerful and had female vocalists thrown into the mix), Andrew Bird’s “Break it Yourself” (lovely as always, Mr. Bird), and I finally got my paws on Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s wonderful “Summer of Fear.”

4.) There are not one but two Joss Whedon movies out this year. TWO JOSS WHEDON MOVIES, PEOPLE. How can this not make everyone happy?

5.) White Raspberry Truffle coffee. Oh my god. This drink, this drink is so good. It sounds wrong, right?? But it is so right. It reminds me of a drink (the Mocha Raspberry Truffle) that used to be at one of my absolute favorite cafes which closed down and caused me to think I’d never have something so wonderful again but look, look, here it is in all its glory and yes I am really caffeinated as I’m writing this sentence but whatever I say whatever!

6.) The rather promising looking sci-fi and fantasy year in film. I’m super excited about Prometheus (I grew up on the Alien films. I may have been the only four year-old whose favorite film was Aliens.) and I’m so excited to see Ridley Scott return to this world. Plus, Looper (and Rian Johnson is an interesting filmmaker—I loved Brick and I appreciated The Brothers Bloom, so it’ll be interesting to see how his foray into time travelling sci-fi turns out). And then, of course, The Hobbit. THE HOBBIT.

7.) Writing. I’m working on a novel and it’s going swimmingly. I won’t say much so as not to jinx it, but I’m pleased so far.

8.) Summer. I have plans for the summer. Plans which involve a pile of books. A large pile of books.

9.) And speaking of books (which probably is the most oft-used way that I begin a sentence): I’m currently staring happily at a pile of to-reads that includes My American Unhappiness By: Dean Bakopoulos, The Monkey’s Wedding and Other Stories By: Joan Aiken, The Ecstasy of Influence By: Jonathan Lethem, and Solitatire By: Kelley Eskridge.

10.) My late-night chatters, coffee sharers, roomies, next door neighbors, family, future cave fellows—who make me laugh out loud, swap stories with me, don’t mind the fact that sometimes I break into song like I’m living in a Bollywood musical, and basically just keep me going. To you, I say: Love, Cupcakes, etc.


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