You left me at the altar,

said that you didn’t like

the color white.


It’s true, as children,

that you feared the snow,

said it made you feel

that you weren’t there.


Your favorite candies,

then, had been the red

gummy dragons flavored

cinnamon-hot. You said

they tricked the tongue

into flame.


Now, sometimes, I dream

of ghosts like solid

white statues. They say

that I should

dress up myself

in fire.



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6 responses to “Gown

  1. sgrplum

    Ooo! I love it!

  2. sgrplum

    Apparently you’re posting this from the future?! I guess that means you have the Power of Time under your control? Does this happen when you manage to drink three Trentas from Starbucks in the same day?!!

  3. Oooh – a very interesting piece! I am intrigued.

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