Mostly I Still Love Everyone

What color is you hair
when it rains or
when it’s Monday?
I wonder, sometimes, how I’d like you
if you changed the color of your eyes,
but what about hair?
It seems less permanent, more
versatile, but
what if it changed with your mood
and anger dressed it up in blond
streaks or,
god forbid, grey?

And, if we’re on hair, and
we are at this point, should we move
on to skin? I dreamed once that you
covered yourself in ink
drawings and they
were all pictures of stars and
seeing you undressed felt
like being outside, in the
night, and always walking towards home.And
that feeling was lovely but
I woke up and your skin
was blank and
the scars even that I thought you had
came off when you showered.

But, I still thought, why not? Except
if you changed your eyes.
I don’t think I’d
love you, much less stand you, if
you blinked
just once and your eyes
were the color of



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7 responses to “Mostly I Still Love Everyone

  1. sgrplum

    This is WONDERFUL, Chloe. Seriously. One of the best poems I’ve read all week!

    • Thank you, my sweet! It’s a weird one. Wrote it in like two minutes as I was walking to the library, just knew exactly how it would go!

  2. Stephanie G

    I love the second… verse? …stanza? …is my poetry ignorance showing?

  3. I dreamed once that you
    covered yourself in ink- i was imagining this vivid hue of your words, and it was very colorful in my mind πŸ™‚ beautifully written my friend πŸ™‚

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