A Piece of Parsley

She looks for crumbs,
feeling she’s dropped something.
But she can’t imagine
the drop of her childhood
memories before she was seven—
her mother’s hands outstretched,
covered in seashell rings—
or the drop of her first kiss—
his lips tasted salty but sweet,
like caramels in France—
or the drop of her reflection
that one time she thought
she was truly radiant—
hair curled from sleep, the
red of her skin where she
had slept pushed against him—
or finally the drop of the night
she spent lost in dreams of
some city—
the streets filled with bodies,
the streets filled with stones.
She sees the flash of green,
curled, waiting to be picked up.
She thinks it must be all
that has fallen.


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3 responses to “A Piece of Parsley

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    Cheers and big thanks,

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