The Radio Turned Low

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”—Plato

If for every step

there will be another

climbing ladders made

of the tabs from soda pop cans

and the hair pulled off doll heads

then you should only ask

if you may take the steps

two at a time.


If you should find

that every door you come to

is closed with seven locks

each getting smaller from

the size of an elephant’s eye

to the exact width of a grasshopper’s

then you may ask

if you might keep the keys

on a silver locket to wear

always always around your throat.


And if when finally

you reach her

she does not speak

only almost smiles

as if caught remembering

a memory of something sweet

then you must be content

with taking her hands

in your own

and letting no words

form between you.



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