Strange How People Imagine Things in the Dark

The Davenport brothers first opened the door. And when you looked into it you might have thought you saw the face of the galaxies opening its eyes. Time collapsed and exploded. Time was you were laying on a beach blanket and somewhere someone was nearby who knew every scar upon your body.

And time fell into two trapdoors and under each was another room. One of these rooms was filled with everything everyone was ever have meant to lose. One of these rooms was empty. Both rooms were silent completely. Both rooms existed only for time. There was no way of ever telling the rooms apart.

And they said it was a spirit cabinet. And it was just a way of distancing ourselves, surely, from the other in the room. You know the one I’m talking about? The one who is always weeping in the corner. The one with eyes like marbles, spinning, spinning. Don’t tell the other to stop. The stopping is worse than the weeping.

There are hands reaching out through the walls. There are hands reaching out through the walls and don’t get too close. The hands of spirits are not always cold. They are not always like ice.

It was money after all. They didn’t mean to be connected to the ghosts. They didn’t mean to have every one believing. Come closer to the box. The other is waiting.

Time kept falling. Time couldn’t stop. Time felt like a million things and none of them were present. It was the past and it was the future and time couldn’t distinguish.

There is a stage. And a wooden box. And inside the box is a magician. And time. And the magician is tied up and still those hands will reach out.

They called it a spirit cabinet. There are traps along the aisle. Tie the magician’s hands. There are traps along the aisle.

It’s a trick. A trick. Time enters the cabinet. Where does time go?

When William Davenport died, his brother built him a monument. The cemetery would not allow it inside. There were no spirit cabinets amongst the gravestones. There were no doors.

Time fell down two trap doors. There were two rooms. Spot the difference. It might be a trick.

****(title comes from a quote attributed to Ira Davenport)


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