Like another way of saying ellipsis

(this is an old poem of mine I have uncovered…. Enjoy, Dear Reader, this blast from Cupcake’s past)

It starts with a joke, a half memory of an idea

for a film in which Hobbits reenact Die Hard.

This inevitably leads to a thought of the One

Ring spinning through the air; a plummeting arc

of flashing metal and this reminds me of the way

mirrors in sunlight sent patterns across the face of

Dorothy Gale that time she tried to help Ozma

out; the moment of her hands entering the silvered glass

and the girl who stepped through.

Its reflections now that make me wonder; I’ve

always liked the way that in water they can ripple

and a tossed pebble can break apart a face.

There was all that time spent by Lake

Superior where I tried to learn how to skip stones;

I never managed to get the perfect flick of the wrist

down and so, inevitably, my stones would just arc

and then plunge. The stones would never

walk on water for me. Then there’s that lizard,

the ones who dashes across water, the one

who moves faster than the effect of his weight.

Lizards lead me to Godzilla; I imagine him

sometimes when he first finds a city. It must have

looked so startling; the endless lights of the buildings

seeming so much like stars pulled down to our level.

And stars? I’ve never seen one shooting across the sky;

a fact that seems unbelievable for all of the time

I’ve spent watching the sky. That seems like

something only a person in a poem would

have ever not experienced.

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