Rising / Falling

(here is a poem I just wrote with two goals in mind: I had to incorporate as many random facts that I could find [culled mostly from Wikipedia–so maybe they aren’t right!]and I had to write it in no more than 15 minutes. I don’t know how well the experiment in highly structured freewriting turned out, so let me know dear world o’ readers)

Rising / Falling

96 degrees is the perfect temperature for honey bees

though it would be thought cold for us but the heat of a body

racked by fever can never eclipse 104 without some kind of permanent

damage and that is almost the perfect temperature for yeast to make

bread and watching dough rising seems pointless until you think about

all the things you can miss in life and isn’t there something beautiful about

the fact that you for once have enough time to actually watch something grow

but never let the water get too hot or no amount of honey

will save your bread and the highest recorded US temperature was 134

degrees back in 1913 and in 1913 Emily Davison ran in front

of the horse of a king and never woke up afterwards, never saw again the sky,

and what kind of cold comes over one when even thinking that such a possibility

exists for one and the coldest day ever recorded in the US was -80

and that was in 1971 which was a year that started on a Friday and saw

the world’s population increase by 2.1% the highest ever jump recorded in history

which if one remembers that the ambient temperature of a room can rise

depending on the number of people inside it then imagine how rooms

kept getting warmer, but here is a funny thing about ambient temperatures

they depend on who the people inside the room are, too, and what

does that tell us about rooms where there is a loss, does the room get

colder or maybe we can think instead about the world once it loses

every honeybee in it and 96 degrees is just another hot day.


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