Like a way of keeping count

My love knows nothing

save for the twelve ways

to make a princess dance until

her shoes turn to dust upon her feet

and it is midnight somewhere and someone

else is always dancing at every point in time


And do you remember the weight

of the skin on your skeleton and how

heavy it felt when you thought of witches

who could cast their skins aside and the salt

you kept on your tongue still melts, no matter

how cold you think you are getting


Who is the voice of reason when the sun

no longer remembers how to set and just

hangs in the sky like it has been painted

into place and remember the canvas

was not always filled with light and the oils

dripped and the trees were created

from spatters of color never meant

to have been used


And my love knows nothing

of the way winter feels colder

when the sun is brightest and the ice

that coats the trees makes them break

and the salt tries to keep the ice from

you but nothing melts and so we keep

dancing until we crumble

like stars that have been dead

for years and yet still shed enough

light to let you find your way home.



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