Whale Warehouse

We kept the bones

on concrete floors and closed

away. You can come and

view them if you want, though

who longs so closely to see

the infinite made small and

the skulls laid out in rows

where once we thought


to climb inside and curl

your body up, close your

eyes, and fall into their dreaming

of the water and the deep,

and the songs echoing down

to tell us who it is that we are


following the time we spent

a day, wrapped in the arms

of our lovers and wished

they were the waves pressing

us down into abyss, because that

would be so much easier, cleaner,

possible and we longed to see


the insects regurgitate the flesh

back onto bone and the regrowth

of all that weight of living until

they are returned to life and then

the sea and we watch them swim


swim away until we can

no longer tell their shapes

from the other waves


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