Trebuchet (part 1)

We count our steps

there are 27 between the edge of the world

and the tree that cradles us


If I asked you to answer the riddle

asked of me, would you tell me

all the secrets to the mud-

caked boots you wore and the way

you tried to dance in place but you

kept moving away from me


And I brace my hands against the sky

because I need something to hold

onto, press harder into the dirt

and when I reach the roots

they feel like snake skin shed after

years of holding on and the sky

crumbles like stale chocolate, like


The statues of men who fell in love

with Medusa  because she had the most

beautiful eyes in the world but no

one could ever describe them


I want to tell you how we skipped

rope to rhymes that made no sense

remember the fortune told, 27 jumps

and you will end up a truth-teller

lay out the cards you want me


You dance yourself in circles,

you spin yourself into the ground,

and everyone tries to reach their hands

down to catch you but come up

with handfuls of the sea


Fingers drip with water

the salt tastes like the tops

of trees and the sound

of your feet tapping patterns

of code across the world


We count our steps

there are 27 million between the sea

and the sky


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