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Turtle and Hare by Chloe Clark

A poem by me up at the truly lovely Vending Machine Press!


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(In honor of March Madness, one of my older poems has been resurrected)



He practices dribbling that ball

until his hands feel numb

the tiny rubber nubs of its surface

leaving a pattern of bruises; small

purple blue freckles that eventually

fade to yellow.

His jump shot isn’t perfect; it’s

a miscalculation, the geometry of

his body not quite where it should

be, and so the ball only

caresses the net some of the time.

He likes the thud of the ball

against the pavement,

it makes the world sound hollow,

it reminds him of an inside-out


He puts up with each miss, each

time the ball rolls away, for the anticipation

of that one perfect moment

when it hits its target; that

sweet swish of nothing but net.


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Ean Weslynn 2: Return of the EBCP

Back when I first started running occasional interviews with some of my favorite EBCP (Extremely Brilliant Creative People), I began it all with writer/ actor/ all-around extraordinaire Ean Weslynn. I’m happy (well insanely delighted would be the more apt word) to say that since the interview Ean’s webseries, the hilarious Day Drunk Gays, has appeared to much acclaim! And, so I decided to ask Ean some more questions and hopefully get some of you (yes, YOU, there reading this!) to get some links to Day Drunk Gays in all of its glory!

So five quick questions for Ean Weslynn— the OEBCP (the Original Extremely Brilliant Creative Person):

1.) What is the biggest thing you learned about translating a written script into a filmed series?
i learned a lot over the past few months.  one, i learned that even when i’m writing for myself, i’m not a great actor.  two, that good writing leads to great acting (for others, not myself).  but the biggest thing i learned was how many times things are written in this medium.  it’s often said that writing is rewriting, and i’ve never rewritten things more.  before we even shoot something, i rewrite the script numerous times.  then we have a table read, i hear what works and what doesn’t and i do a final pass or two before we shoot.  on the day, we have a rule with the actors that they give us a solid take as written then they can take their own liberties.  but the work isn’t done then.  in the editing bay, it’s not a matter of just which take to use, but it’s how much time between lines.  the pacing is the thing that can make or break a good script.  the editor has a ton of power and i’m happy to say that my producing partner is a way better editor than i am a writer, but we work well together.
2.) What was the best thing about the filming process?

the best part about filming for me is actually getting to sit at the table with my boys, surrounded by the crew and knowing that we wouldn’t be there if i hadn’t spent all that time rewriting that silly idea i had that i thought others might find funny.

3.) The most unexpected thing?
the most unexpected thing about this process was actually how well the cast worked together.  it might surprise people to know that the first time the four of us were in the same space was about 15 minutes before we shot the first episode, brunchr.  i think there’s a real chemistry between the guys, but they were all cast based on my interactions with them.  i thought they were funny, they got my sense of humor and i had a feeling that they would like one another.  luckily i was right!
4.) If you had to describe Day Drunk Gays in a ten word pitch:
like brunch with your gay friends but with worse writing!
5.) What’s next in the world of the show and the world of Ean Weslynn?
i actually just finished up the next few episodes that we will be shooting in early april.  we will start to have more guest appearances and we will see the boys away from the table.  the important thing to remember about the show is that it’s about day drinking friends, not brunch.
in regards to me, it’s amazing how little time one has to day drink with his friends when he’s writing a show about day drinking friends.  i mostly spend my time writing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
Follow Day Drunk Gays on Twitter: @daydrunkgays
Check out there website:
And, OBVIOUSLY, actually check out the series and watch it here:


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Text Speak

I’ve always had to have abbreviations in text messages explained to me (perhaps, thus, ruining the point of using the abbreviation in the first place). These are the meanings I take out of the abbreviations. (This whole blog post can be blamed on my beloved MR).

BRT= Best Ratatouille Tonight! (Thanking someone for a delicious meal)
Lol= Lots of Lasagna  (anytime something is amazing)
OMG= Oh my gateau! (a cake so shockingly gorgeous you have to name it in French)
BRB= Blueberries Raspberries Blackberries (berry-picking season)
ROFL= Rosemary, Olives, Fennel, Linguine (fancy grocery shopping)
TY= Totally Yams (Thanksgiving season greeting)
FWIW= Frosted Wheat in Water (for moments of disgust)
FML= For Meyer Lemons (when someone is being super specific, such as a recipe that calls for…)
FTW= Fresh Tomatoes Win (Summer greeting)
BTW= But the watermelon… (a sad exclaimer, for when something is too heavy to carry/ has to be left behind)
JK= Just Kashi (can be replaced with Kix or other cereal brand of choice, for when you are too tired to cook and someone asks what’s for supper)
LMAO= Lemon Mousse and Oolong (for situations of pure awesome)


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