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50 of the Scariest Short Stories of All Time

Having read all of these (which makes me deeply impressed with my horror knowledge *self-congratulatory nomming of Halloween candy*), I have to disagree with their China Mieville pick. No way is “Details” creepier than “The Ballroom.” I’m also not sold on their pick for MR James (otherwise known as my king). And I think they left a lot off (it seems a very English-centric list). That being said it’s a good list.


It’s that time of year again, when the pumpkins come out, the fake cobwebs are hung and we feel that dormant urge to be chilled, thrilled and spooked to our bones. Get out your flashlights, because a scary story awaits — actually, make that fifty of them. Now, there’s more to scary stories than goblins, ghouls, blood and your general horror — here there be monsters of many kinds, existential and literal, extraordinary and everyday. And remember: like beauty, fear is in the bloody eye of the beholder. So whether you yearn for classic horror or literary fiction guaranteed to make your skin crawl, read on. If you dare!

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