The First to Cross the Bridge

I’m so pleased to have one of my favorite stories I’ve written featured up at the lovely The Stoneslide Corrective. Here is what the editors said about the piece (which made my day!):

“Dear Astute Readers,

Certain tropes have been with us for millennia and yet can be rendered anew with so much imaginative sympathy and emotion that they come out gleaming like a piece of molten glass just set down to cool. We see battles between fathers and daughters in Lear and A Thousand Acres. We witness war’s horror in The Iliad and Saving Private Ryan. And we’re ringside for the battle of good and evil inParadise Lost and Faust.

Part of the power of fiction that uses old ideas in new ways is that it can simultaneously call on roots of our psychethat reach back into prehistory while stimulating our delight in specific, contemporary details.

Since at least the time that the Book of Genesis was written, people have told stories about the feeling that some of those who walk among us are part of a larger spiritual contest that we rarely perceive. This week we’re lucky enough to publish a tale that taps into an age-old tension of earthly gain paid for with moral degradation. We hope you enjoy “The First to Cross the Bridge,” by author Chloe N. Clark.


The Editors ”

Please read the story (and other wonderful pieces the) here


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