Statistics Interview at the End of the World

Think of numbers that are important to you

and now think of the years you’ve spent

imagining those numbers.


How many people do you love,

would you say, if you were asked

to be honest, to be truthful?


Would you list all of those who

you’ve held onto? Or the ones

you’ve left or lost as well?


How many times have you tried

to think of something funny to say

and come up with nothing? More

than ten times? Twenty? Is it an

uncountable number? Let’s try

to count them up together.


When you first found out you

could feel lonely, how old

were you? Were you old enough

to drive away?


How many people have loved you,

would you say, if you had to be honest,

be truthful, and only count the ones

that you know meant it when they said

they loved you?

Would you list only the ones you’ve

loved in return? Or the ones who you

wished loved you more? The ones

who let you go or fought for you or tried

to break your heart?


How many times have you woken

from a dream in which you were

a tree? Or a dream where you

could fly and it was easy? Or a dream

where the floor of your house gave way

and you drifted off into the ocean and

your best friend was an island and your

childhood pet was talking to you about

coconuts and lemon pie?


How any numbers have you thought of?

How many numbers have you already forgotten?

How long will you continue to spend imagining

those numbers?





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