Five Fairytales About the End of the World

A story by me appears up at the awesome Gingerbread House Literary!

Gingerbread House Lit Mag

Once upon a time—

The world spilt open and everyone walked around the gaps in the ground. There was a place that didn’t exist anymore set into the center of the city. It happened one day as everyone was bustling to and fro, to and fro. They were laughing or talking or thinking about the way clouds made shapes across the sky. Then came the sound. The sound was somewhere between a crack and a roar and the idea of soon-silence. Then there were no noises. The city wept as cities do: in giant waves of anger, then despair, then silent nothing.


Kaye walks. The streets are so silent now. Traffic lights play out their changes and there is no one to take notice. This is the City Where No One Lived.

Kaye walks past empty shop after empty shop until she’s right at the edge of the campus…

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