Where in the World is Pints?

Seeing that I haven’t posted in a long while (my dear reader, how did you cope?), I thought I’d update on some of what’s keeping me busy. In addition to grad school, teaching, helping to edit a literary magazine, and writing monthly columns for the awesome Luna Station Quarterly, I’m also working on three big writing projects. Why three, you ask? The only honest answer is probably that I like the idea of driving myself insane. However, the answer that I’ll give is that I find it much easier to write if I’m able to take breaks to work on other things. The three projects are a poetry collection (for my thesis) along with a linked story collection of sci-fi pieces and a novel.

In other update-y news: I have pieces forthcoming from a variety of places. These wonderful places include: Bombay Gin Literacy Journal (two poems), Wyvern Lit (a story), Cake (a poem), Soft Blow (four poems), Diabolical Plots (a story), Monster Fancy-from Minor Arcana Press (a story), and Apex Magazine (a poem). As always, I’ll post links to the pieces available online on my Writings Published page as they appear! I’m very excited to appear in each of these excellent literary places. Check them all out!

And because who doesn’t want some reading updates? The next five books on my to-be read shelf (not ones I’m reading for classes, but ones I’m reading because I must has them books): The Wilds by: Julia Elliott, Trigger Warning by: Neil Gaiman, Ghosts by: Roger Clarke, Scatter Adapt and Remember by: Annalee Newitz, and Once Upon a Time by: Marina Warner. So, as you can see, I’m in book heaven!

So, while Pints hasn’t been posting, she has been working and shall be posting again much sooner this time. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from my Facebook statusbot: “Now everyone I am going to take the entire dream…” Statusbot may be writing all my poems for me from now on, it appears.


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