Music to Write Antarctic Terror To

I’m having a writing day. Well, earlier it was grading day, but I try not to grade more than 6 hours straight, since I think my commenting skills begin to go downhill after that point. And I should say it’s a writing day until The Great British Baking Show begins and I have to get all tense with worry about my favorite baker. It will be a writing day/ night again after that, though. (I’ll save Downton Abbey to watch tomorrow when I’m in a less grouchy mood and won’t need to go into as much of an Edith-related rage).

However while working, on what’s fast becoming a very long sci-fi horror story, I began to think about the way I write to music. Often, I do so because it helps me stay focused, but also because it helps me stay within the mindset / tone that I need. For an example, of the sort of insanity this normally creates in me, I recently listened to Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” 32 times in a row, because it had me in such a good writing zone that I needed it for the entirety of the story I was writing.

I’ll plan to do a more in-depth version of this in regards to the novel I’m writing, but for now here are the ten songs I’ve listened to on repeat while working on my current story (Where available, I’ve linked to the song from the artist’s Youtube page).

1.) Spoon’s “I Just Don’t Understand

2.) Gotye’s “Easy Way Out

3.) Lhasa’s “Is Anything Wrong

4.) TV on the Radio’s “Happy Idiot

5.) Lucinda Williams’ “Changed the Locks”

6.) Hozier’s “Work Song

7.) Andrew Bird’s “Three White Horses

8.) JD McPherson’s “North Side Gal

9.) Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s “Buriedfed

10.) Jim White’s “Corvair




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2 responses to “Music to Write Antarctic Terror To

  1. I find this interesting because I can’t listen to music at all while I write, unless it’s orchestral or in a language I don’t speak. Something about lyrics pulls me out of my writing and thinking mind. When I do listen to music, the only mood I put on is “kick it down and focus.”

    • Maybe the lyrics cause me to hone in and forget about all the other voices/ story ideas in my head. It’s interesting, though, and I’d like to do a survey about this to authors and artists! I know I’ve definitely heard both ways. I can’t listen to lyric if I’m reading though.

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