Don’t wake him, that’s the first thing you think when you find your sleeping lover walking through the house at night. Remember your cousin, when you were eight or nine, who told you about a boy wh…

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2 responses to “Sleepwalking

  1. I wanted to post the below comment on twitter but it didn’t let me so here it goes what I meant to say was I read your piece on SLQ and…

    I read your story and loved it like that line about the caller of ghosts and and how the one who blinked would love less it was very naturally told and I wonder if that’s the way you talk cuz it sounds like it I haven’t read the interview yet but will do now cheers.

    • Thank you! It probably is somewhat how I talk, as I’m more of a storyteller in nature. However, I think it also probably isn’t in regards because I’m also a teacher of composition and communication so that requires a different way of communicating.

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