New Poem at Public Pool

I’m delighted to have a new poem up at Public Pool (an amazing place for poets with wonderful work. It’s really an honor to have a poem here). This is part of my cycle of poems about women and violence and loss, which I refer to as my “missing girl” series.

You can read the new poem here!


If you’re interested in seeing other poems in the series, here are links to those as well:


The Detective, Years After at Abyss&Apex

When Everyone Else Says After at Soft Blow

Missing Girl Found– in the print edition of Outlook Springs

The Fortune Teller’s Daughter in a print edition of Anchor & Plume

Locard’s Principle in Alien Mouth

What the Earth Returns to Our Mouths at Hobart




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2 responses to “New Poem at Public Pool

  1. The poem is great, very gripping. Tells a good story. I like poems that include narrative dialogue. Makes them seem more real. Congratulations on the feature 🙂

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