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New story: Other Names

Hi all,


I have a new story up at Cosmonauts Avenue. This is a favorite piece of mine, so please do give it a read!


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Pre-order the book!

Dearest Readers,

Some of you have been with me since the beginning of this blog half a decade ago. I am so pleased that you’ve stuck around. I am so delighted that today I get to share with you that my chapbook, The Science of Unvanishing Objects, is now available for pre-order! You can find it here:


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Book trailer

Hello dear readers,

I’ve been busy with teaching and some exciting news: my first chapbook of poems is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press (February 2018). Here is the trailer!

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It tastes like tin
the chocolate cut with metallic

no tin

I’m sorry I never told you
I’m sorry I told you
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you everything

When you kissed me
all the colors drained from the room
I watched them pool onto the floor
and there was only you left
bright, bright
as the forest fire

                        I don’t remember
I don’t remember what her name was
I don’t remember the color of his eyes

I couldn’t breathe
that summer when a cold
slipped into my lungs
heavy as the humid-air
my mother, she pressed
cold washcloths to my forehead

Help yourself
Help me, I’m looking for this book
It tastes sweet
on my tongue
sweet molasses
rich, bleeds between
my teeth

Please I’m sorry
Please I don’t remember
Please help

in the window
the light bleeds
in around you
and you

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Over at Nerds of a Feather, for our series of DYSTOPIAN VISIONS, I got the chance to write about dystopia, violence, and writing with my friend (and very awesome rhetorician) Philippe Meister. This is a discussion that I gained a ton from and was a great experience writing together. So, dearest readers, if you’re interested, I’d love for you to check it out here!

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5 new things

Dear reader,


I’m off to an auspicious start to this week.

I have a short story in the latest print issue of Rosebud, called “The Collective Gravity of Stars.”

I also have two poems in this months issue of Gamut. You can read them here if you have a subscription to the mag (and you should get one, they are awesome)!

I have another poem in the spring issue of Liminality, which can be read here!

And I have a poem up at Reckoning as well–read it here!

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3 new poems

Dearest Reader,


I have 3 new poems, alongside some amazing work, in the latest issue of Ghost City Review. You can read it here!

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