Friends, Colleagues, and other Awesome Things

Here are some sites, I think y’all should check out. Some of them belong to friends and colleagues who are awesome writers or creators of some kind of brilliant art. The other links are for places I’ve been involved with as an editor, columnist, or that I just think more people should know about. Simply click on the names to be redirected to their sites!

Tony Quick: Writer of awesome words—both poetry and fiction. Check out his awesome website and read an interview that I did with him as well. You can follow him on Twitter @TonyQuickPOV

Stefanie Brook Trout: Lovely writer of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. She also worked as an editor on Prairie Gold: Anthology of the American Heartland. You can follow her on Twitter @brooktrouting

Ean Weslynn: Writer, actor, brilliant. He is the creator of the amazing web series Day Drunk Gays (whose site you’ll be taken to if you click his name above. Prepare to watch and become thoroughly addicted). You can read my interview with Ean here. You can follow him on Twitter @eanweslynn or the show @daydrunkgays

KT Howard: Writer, editor, awesome writer of letters. Check out her review blog here or follow her on Twitter @morike91

M Brett Gaffney: Brilliant writer and editor. She edits for Gingerbread House and her poetry has appeared in many wonderful litrary venues. You can read my interview with her here or follow her on Twitter @MBrettGaffney

Bronte Wieland: Writer and all around swell individual. Check out his blog here or follow him on Twitter @BeezyAl

Flyway: This literary journal, where I currently serve as fiction editor, has a focus on place and environment. You can follow the journal on Twitter @Flyway_Journal

Luna Station Quarterly: I write a monthly column here. But, even if I weren’t biased because of that, I would still love this great journal that focuses on the women writers of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and other Speculative writing. You can follow the magazine on Twitter @lunaquarterly



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