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The Best Thing Ever

So, WordPress informed me that today was my anniversary with my blog (3 years!). And I was feeling guilty that I had forgotten and not gotten a gift for my blog. So to make up for that, a cento composed entirely of lines from previous blog posts (yes, even the title).

The Best Thing Ever to Exist

a discussion about the history of elevators

and I’ll be able to say that at least I tried

if I knew I would be absolutely safe


Then you read his next story

seeing some other lives played out

it’s like a poem where no one
says anything or a film set without color


I’ve been losing bits of myself slowly

shore and stones and waves but nothing else

when I’m halfway into dreams I’ll remember

they dissolve quickly


I asked if you knew how cold the water would be

after the wind storm danced

across the ice cloaked pond

it’s different than any cold that you’ve ever felt


Sometimes do you dream of cities that don’t exist?

I imagined that they must have become water eventually

the men dressed as the shadows of the ones they’d lost

years passed in the happiness of children who cannot comprehend


I try to imagine worlds

I go there sometimes, when I’m feeling

that before god there was blankness

The hardest thing is that sometimes you can’t stop falling


But, I still thought, why not?

It might be a trick

a language spoke underwater

Know, though, they will always come to hold you


as tightly as they can.




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