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New story: Other Names

Hi all,


I have a new story up at Cosmonauts Avenue. This is a favorite piece of mine, so please do give it a read!


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What I Published in 2016

So the year isn’t quite done, but I thought I’d compile a list of all the poetry and fiction I published in 2016 (I’m updating my CV, so I was compiling anyways).

In many cases I’ve included links to the pieces or (if they are in print) a link to the magazine itself.


“A Place You Know” in Smokelong Quarterly

“So Far the Distance” in The Bohemyth

“Exchange” in The Bohemyth

“Even the Veins of Leaves” in Supernatural Tales

“So This” in Flash Fiction Online

“Photokeratitis” in The Molotov Cocktail

“Thematic Cartography” in Bartleby Snopes

“A Sense of Taste” in Drunken Boat

“Stricken” in Cheap Pop

“4 Minutes and 13 Seconds” in Halo Lit

“Where is Your Destination, What is Your Plan?” in Menacing Hedge


“#Monsters” in Phantom Kangaroo

“How to Watch a Barn Fall Down” and “If You Asked the Earth” in 45th Parallel

“Shells” in Midwestern Gothic

“Rat-Infested Ghost Ship Off the Coast of Britain” and “Exposing Tricks” in Liminality

“Convent,” “&Other Ways to Read the Dirt,” and “The Detective, Years After” in Abyss & Apex

“Missing Girl Found—” and “Mephistopheles Never Said He Told the Truth” in Outlook Springs

“Hollywood Hauntings,” “Still Life with Chupacabra,” “Cotard’s Delusion,” and “Stages of the Exorcism” in Star*Line

“What the Earth Returns to Our Mouths,” “An Infinity of Chip Bros,” “Google Search History, Tell Me Who I Am,“Kitchen Piece,” “My Life Had Stood a Full Court Press,” “Ball Don’t Lie,” and “Tricks to Keep Away the Dark” in Hobart

“On Bray Road Melancholia” in Spilled Milk

“All the Tea My Creepy Heart Desires” and “The Other Side of This is Still Here” in Vending Machine Press

“Method Envy” and “The Devil’s Fruit” in Banshee

“Aura Symptom” in Noble/Gas Quarterly

“Generations” in Recompose

“Cups are Always Falling, Breaks are Always Close” and “I Believed Not in God but in Gods as a Child” in Birds Piled Loosely

“Museo de Spazio” in Wizards in Space

“Tricking” and “Collective Color Constancy” in spy kids review

Forthcoming in 2017:

“Like the Desert Dark” from Gamut

“This Has All Happened Before” from New South

“Sleepwalking” from Gulf Stream

“Sidelong Catastrophe” from Reckoning

“The Witch’s House” in Liminality

“Please” and “Fairy Tales & Other Species of Life” in Sunvault: Stories of Solar Punk and Eco-Speculation



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New Story at Smokelong Quarterly

Today, I’m delighted to have a story up at Smokelong Quarterly. I adore this magazine and the extremely quality flash fiction they have published, if you haven’t read Justin Daugherty’s “The Dead are Not Hungry,” please do so immediately).

Here is a link to my story, “A Place You Know,” which I hope you enjoy!


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Story Notes #2

I’m in the midst of grading and need to refocus for a second (to re-energize my grading battery), so I thought I’d do another series of story notes (the first time was so fun!).


Five Fairy Tales about the End of the World was published at the lovely Gingerbread House Literary. This was part of my undergrad thesis and again connects to the concept of how violence can change a landscape and a place’s sense of history (something I’m particularly interested in regards to folklore). This contains one of my countless reworkings of my favorite folkloric trope (Death and the Doctor/Blessed Child). It also contains the details of the actual thesis I considered working on if I had gone on for a Master’s in Folklore Studies.


Gyromancy, published at Bookanista, was another section of my undergrad thesis. This is a story I feel particularly protective of.  I think a lot of what I was trying doesn’t work quite as well as it should, but this is one of the pieces I wrote where I most wanted to crawl into the story and stop what was happening—a feeling I now connect with meaning that I might be writing the characters right. One of the dreams in this story is one of my own.


Sometimes the Scenery is Beautiful, published at Fiction Vortex, went through a lot of revisions before I was published. The key to finally figuring out how to revise this one was when I figured out the device I needed to tell it (it was originally first person just from the perspective of Lucy, and then third person close, and then first mixed with third person “memory” sections, and a few other variations on those). This is another reworking of the Death and the Doctor/ Blessed Child motif). This story was originally titled “Place Nothing on Ground,” after a sign I saw at a recycling plant, and which I think might be a good life philosophy.

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Story Notes #1

So I love story notes when authors give them. I’m the type of person that reads introductions, footnotes, and acknowledgments pages. Thus, for fun (basically my work break today), I’d give some context to some of my stories and poems.


Telling Ghost Stories, published by Nonbinary Review, was written as an ode to one of my favorite types of ghost/fairy stories. It includes one of my favorite jokes I’ve ever made. It also includes weird reinterpretations of three stories I also wrote (A Room for Lost Things—published at Diabolical Plots, Seven Years of Crashing Waves—published at Cartagena, and one that has not yet found its home). Before this came together, though, the images first came to me while walking around UW-Madison’s campus, at night, after a concert with a friend. The place that directly inspired the story no longer exists, which is a kind of ghost story in itself.


Lover, I’ll be Waiting, published by Wyvern Lit, was written as a creative response in one of my favorite classes I’ve taken (the amazing Charo D’Etcheverry’s course on Japanese ghost stories). Each of the retold tales within this piece started with a real tale-type. I think there are something like 30 references in this story. This was the first story I ever read aloud at my MFA program.
The First to Cross the Bridge, published by The Stoneslide Corrective, was the first story I ever wrote in college. The original draft is only 4 pages. It went through something like 12 and a half revisions before being picked up (and at such a wonderful place!).  Every one of the italicized sections connects back to another story I wrote. My thesis during undergrad was a collection of interlinked stories about the way that violence changes the way we both consume and tell stories. This was one of what I considered the “holding” stories that linked and looped into the other stories without making direct connections with the main act of the novel. This story also plays on one of my favorite folkloric tale-types. This story is one that means so much to me, for so many different reasons. It also has my first ever textual shoutout to my beloved Pistons. So there’s that, too.


I don’t know if I’ll do these notes again. But it was fun. So maybe?

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Sunvault Kickstarter NOW BEGUN!

Dearest Readers,

One of my favorite absolute people and one of my fast becoming favorite people are working on an awesome new anthology. The anthology has just opened its Kickstarter and I encourage you to check it out. Even if you can’t donate, helping to spread the word is awesome too!

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New post at Ploughshares!

I talk about China Mieville and magical reveals in weird fiction over at the Ploughshares blog. Read it here!

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