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10 things-October 2013 edition

I haven’t done one of these in a while. But here are 10 things that are currently keeping me sane (which is a heavy task between writing a novel, taking my MFA classes, teaching college composition, and maintaining the high levels of self-AWESOME that everyone is accustomed to from me).

1.)    Donna Tartt has a new novel out (and I’ve ordered it). Ms. Tartt is basically a flat out badass. The Secret History, her first novel, is often cited as being her best. And it is amazingly brilliant. But, her second novel The Little Friend, is one of my favorite novels of all time. In the years since it was first published, I have read it five or six times. It is exquisite and sublime and if her new novel The Goldfinch comes anywhere near to its wonderfulness than I am going to be one happy clam. Here’s a conversation between her and her editor that was up on Slate.

2.)    Daniel Alarcon has a new novel coming out this month, too! Like, what? It is a bountiful month indeed. Alarcon’s first collection, War by Candlelight, was filled with gorgeous stories including one of my top 100 “A Strong Dead Man.” His novel, Lost City Radio, is on my list of best first novels. So basically all I have for this one is ridiculously high expectations. Here’s some more info from Alarcon’s website.

3.)    The Pinocchio lizard, believed extinct, was recently spotted. Gorgeous, no? Here is an article up on National Geographic!

4.)    I have been getting back to baking. I was thrown off by starting school up, but, now I am into pumpkin scones and deliciousness full speed ahead. This weekend will be chocolate-stout cupcakes!

5.)    I am hard at work on the novel. Stage magicians are in this. STAGE MAGICIANS. That should just make everyone happy.

6.)    I have a prose poem coming out soon from Cease, Cows and one of my favorite ghost stories that I’ve written will be in the winter issue of Supernatural Tales. These are both wonderfully fantastic publications. So, I’m doing the happy dance of writerly acceptances.

7.)    I started a new interviewy project of Extremely Brilliant Creative People and so far have had the chance to interview the fabulous Dan Pankratz and the amazing ean weslynn. Next month, there will be a pretty awesome poet being interviewed too, so stay TUNED.

8.)    I have found out that the town I’m now living in not only has a shop with a pretty kickass puppet collection but that there is also a store that carries treacle. Treacle tarts will be made. I have wanted to make them since I first read Harry Potter and I could never find proper treacle. Until now. Sound the freaking trumpets!

9.)    Squashes are out. And squash season means one thing: ravioli. From scratch.

10.) My people continue to be amazing and as always a moment of thanks for having them in my life. Plus, then I have someone to make food for. It is win-win.

So, not all is bad in the world of Pints and Cupcakes. This seems a good time to remind all you, Dear Readers, that if you want more daily updates and rantings than consider following me on Twitter @PintsNCupcakes


Happy October!


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Lots of good news is good news

Okay, so second post, no more hiding behind the pretext of writing about what this blog will be about. Now I actually have to write something. So Women in REDzine (WIRZ) news, it is! This weekend saw me enjoying a cup of coffee while eating a slice of gingerbread carrot cake (this awesome carrot cake with dried cranberries and freshly grated ginger in it that is topped with an apricot-orange frosting) and somehow the WIRZ news is just as exciting (thought I was going to say “more exciting”, well then my love for carrot cake has just not been expressed enough). WIRZ staff are getting the AMAZING (and awesome, take that EIC) chance to meet with Jensine Larsen. Jensine is the lovely and wonderful founder of World Pulse magazine. World Pulse is a magazine which focuses on global women’s issues. I am ridiculously proud that WIRZ will get a chance to meet Jensine and I am also proud to push this magazine to anyone who accidentally (looking for pint cupcake, were we? Mmm…. That reminds me I still need to try out my new recipe for Stout cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting) reads this blog.

AND, there is more WIRZ excitement. The staff of WIRZ have been invited to participate in Baraboo, WI’s Summerset Festival of the Arts 2011. This is exciting not only because it gives me another chance to hang out with the staff of WIRZ (who are seriously the bestest people ever) but we get to push WIRZ while doing it!

Since this blog has been all goodness I might as well keep that up: The Celtics are still in the playoffs and I know that they will crush Miami when needs be (but, I have a small, I’m sure irrational fear, of the Bulls). There is a new Colson Whitehead novel coming out later this year which makes me smile uncontrollably. Hey, accidental reader, if you’ve never read anything by Whitehead then please go out and do so as he is one of the greatest writers ever. There are few authors who have never published anything that was less than perfect. Whitehead is one of those few.

Plus, I’m working on my post-apocalyptic novel (my epic, which will never see the light of day) and I’m actually making progress.

Hmm…All of this good news makes me want to cook. So, perhaps a baked pasta and carrot salad with black bottom cupcakes for dessert is on the horizon.

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