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A new story: The Wild

I  once took a class on Scandanavian ballads and tales and wrote an adaptation of one of my favorite tale types as a project. Years, and revisions, later and the lovely The Quotable published it! You can read the story here


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The Return of Pints

Dear Readers,

Pints was away for summer and I much needed read-cation (almost a hundred books read and some were so excellent..Man, oh, man.). However, to catch everyone up, here were some pieces published while I was away:

Automatism (in Lockjaw)

All Along the Mall (in The Future Fire)

Once for Yes and Twice for No (in Cheap Pop)

Things We Found on the Recording We Analyzed for EVP (in After the Pause)

In further awesomesauce news, I also have pieces forthcoming in Wyvern, Apex, Diabolical Plots, The Quotable, and the Horror Writers of America’s Poetry Showcase for 2015!

Plus, never you worry, Pints will be making much more frequent updates here on writing, reading, baking, and of course more EBCP interviews. So stay tuned!

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3 stories once written

In the spirit of yesterday’s post, today I’m linking to some of my older stories.  If yesterday was Memory Monday, how about Turn Back Time Tuesday for today? These stories were not at all published in the order they were written. However, I’ve linked them in the order they were (just because that’s the kind of strange ordering I enjoy).

The Color of Electrically Brilliant (published at Menacing Hedge) can be found here. This one also features an audio of me reading the story.

Gyromancy (published as one of Bookanista’s featured New Voices) can be found here.

Step With Caution (published a the The Quotable) can be found here.

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