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Top O’ The Snow Day To You!

Well, the snow is falling outside and the chai is hot. I’m not sure where exactly I was going with that, but anyway, it is time for blog writing and news!

Ol’ Pints here is working on a new grouping of stories. As readers of this blog may know, I have an unhealthy obsession with the form known as the story cycle (novel-in-stories or interlinked story collections are other names for it). I’ve just about finished drafting the entirety of a new story cycle (previously, I wrote one as my undergrad thesis). A couple of the stories I have been working on for a bit and they have now safely found loving homes with wonderful literary journals! Stay tuned to the blog (and, especially my “Writings” page) for news on when those pieces come out. As always, I’m also on the lookout for recommendations for favorite story cycles of people. I’ve read a ton but I always want to read more of them!

In other writing news, I am working on a grouping of poems that are very connected. Some of these poems have found homes as well and I’m excited to see where this writing project goes. The linking topics include: demons, magic, and abandoned places. (Also fun fact: This collection’s inception has been heavily influenced by watching a whole lot of Supernatural. So, that’s something.)

And in other news, I just wanted to put some great information out there for all of the writerly folks: the wonderful literary journal Flyway is in the midst of its annual Sweet Corn Fiction contest. It has a pretty low fee and a wonderful prize of $500 AND organic Iowa sweet corn. Noms! The judge this year is an author I’ve mentioned on here before as amazing: Dean Bakopoulos. So definitely, if you’re a writer or know someone who is, check out the contest info here.

Well, that’s all for now. If you’re in a snow-drenched area, make some cocoa and crack open a good book (and or watch some Supernatural. It might lead to some poetic inspiration!).


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