Writings (Published)


#Monsters (Phantom Kangaroo)

Rolling Dice (Apex)

On a Watermelon Truck, with a Chupacabra and After the Ikiryoh (Sleet)

Godzilla Takes Iowa! (Extracts)

Locard’s Principle (Alien Mouth)

Automatism (Lockjaw)

The Visionist (Abyss & Apex)

Dulcis, When Everyone Else Says After, Submerged, and Knots  (Soft Blow Magazine)

What Do Lizards Dream (Black Heart Magazine)

Negative Space and Occurrence of Forests (Mojave River Review)

Once They Sainted a Mermaid (Jersey Devil Press)

Other Serpents (Kentucky Review)

People Who Wave in Pictures (Sleet)

The Line (The Maynard)

The Dead Man’s Bride, Changing in the Dark, ghrain scail (Cease, Cows)

Like Acheron But Not (Booth)

The Apparitionist and A Spell that Uses the Blood of Oranges (Split Lip)

Turtle and Hare (Vending Machine Press)

Sugar & — (Fat City Review)

Demeter Blesses Those She Will Not Curse and Valley Water (The Lake)

Space Like Hands (Abyss & Apex)

Other Heights (The Lake)

Spoke Through Windows (Treehouse)

To De-Scarf (Treehouse)

They Looked Like Weasels or Something Close (Driftwood Press)

Metal Lark (Abyss & Apex)

Pitch Space and And Spelled Backwards We are Reborn (3elements Review)

Basement Isotopes, Faces in REM, and Genericide (Neon)

The Dinner Parties We Used to Have (Utter)

“ghost-pressing-on-body” and Let No Sleeper Betray You (chamber 4)

penguin found 2,000 miles off course (Zouch)

We Used to Trade Each Other (Zouch)

Crush (Emerge)

The Credits Say 15th Elf (Fogged Clarity)

We Who Vanish (Prick of the Spindle)

He Was Always Almost Something (Fogged Clarity)

Nameless Unearthed (Sliver of Stone)

Origami (Halfway Down the Stairs)

To the Dregs (Zouch)

The Pious Don’t Use Aspirin (Story)

Shooting Things After Dark (Interrobang)


Telling Ghost Stories (Non-Binary Review)

Photokeratitis (The Molotov Cocktail)

Once for Yes and Twice for No (Cheap Pop)

The Wild (The Quotable)

All Along the Mall (The Future Fire)

Simultaneity and Upon Returning from the House of Baba Yaga (Wyvern Lit)

A Room for Lost Things (Diabolical Plots)

Lover, I’ll Be Waiting (Wyvern Lit)

Five Fairy Tales About the End of the World (Gingerbread House)

The First to Cross the Bridge (The Stoneslide Corrective)

Sometimes the Scenery is Beautiful (Fiction Vortex)

Seven Years of Crashing Waves (Cartagena)

Like Music for Stones (Mirror Dance)

Gyromancy (Bookanista)

Mud (The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society)

All of Your Others (Full of Crow)

The Woman in the Garden (Leopard Seal)

The Color of Electrically Brilliant (features audio of me reading the story as well! Menacing Hedge)

In Country (Red Rose Review)

Step With Caution (The Quotable)

You Told Me to Write You a Way Out (Cease, Cows)

People You May Know (Luna Station Quarterly)


My ongoing column at Luna Station Quarterly: Ghosts and Fandoms

Presto!: A Comparison of Magical reveals in Fiction (Ploughshares)

What is the name of this monster? Poetry…. (Ploughshares)

Review of The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron (Nerds of a Feather)

Review of 2015 Nebula Awards Showcase (Nerds of a Feather)

Mmm Doughnuts (Sleet)

Interview with Justin Madson (Flyway)

Interview with Kevin Brockmeier (Flyway)

Flyway Webrove: “Of Ghosts and Others”

Flyway Webrove: “Monsters and the Writers Who Love Them”

Flyway Webrove: “Like a Fairy Tale”

Other poems, a few pieces of flash fiction, and short stories  can be found in the print editions of Interrobang!?, Stoneboat, Booth,  Spirit Lake Review, Rock & Sling, Kindred, Tenth Muse, Red Cedar Review, Women in REDzine, Illumination, Emerge, Fractured West, Rosebud, Supernatural Tales, Falling Star, Vector Press, Martian Wave, Latchkey Tales,  and Verse Wisconsin.

One poem, “Fingertips Like Branches,” is only available through Prick of the Spindle’s online subscription magazine.

Some poems and short stories are forthcoming from the print editions of  Outlook Springs, 45th Parallel, Star*Line, and Supernatural Tales.

Some poems and short stories are forthcoming from online journals:  Abyss & Apex, Hobart, Liminality, Menacing Hedge, and Unbound Octavo.

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2 responses to “Writings (Published)

  1. Just finished “Step with caution”. Terrific reading and excellent writing, keep on going!


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