Text Speak

I’ve always had to have abbreviations in text messages explained to me (perhaps, thus, ruining the point of using the abbreviation in the first place). These are the meanings I take out of the abbreviations. (This whole blog post can be blamed on my beloved MR).

BRT= Best Ratatouille Tonight! (Thanking someone for a delicious meal)
Lol= Lots of Lasagna  (anytime something is amazing)
OMG= Oh my gateau! (a cake so shockingly gorgeous you have to name it in French)
BRB= Blueberries Raspberries Blackberries (berry-picking season)
ROFL= Rosemary, Olives, Fennel, Linguine (fancy grocery shopping)
TY= Totally Yams (Thanksgiving season greeting)
FWIW= Frosted Wheat in Water (for moments of disgust)
FML= For Meyer Lemons (when someone is being super specific, such as a recipe that calls for…)
FTW= Fresh Tomatoes Win (Summer greeting)
BTW= But the watermelon… (a sad exclaimer, for when something is too heavy to carry/ has to be left behind)
JK= Just Kashi (can be replaced with Kix or other cereal brand of choice, for when you are too tired to cook and someone asks what’s for supper)
LMAO= Lemon Mousse and Oolong (for situations of pure awesome)


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2 responses to “Text Speak

  1. FYI (Funny You Is). Well done and thank you for an enjoyable read.

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